Teaching Summary

Alison Beach teaches a variety of courses that focus on the history of the high middle ages, particularly religious women.




The Ohio State University

Medieval Monasticism (Ph.D.)

Medieval Europe I: 284-1000 (B.A.)

Medieval Christianity (B.A.)

Introduction to Historical Thoughts and Methods (B.A.)


University of Cologne

Women in the High Middle Ages

Medieval Medicine

The Medieval Book

Medieval Monasticism

The Renaissance of the Twelfth Century

Sexuality and Gender in the Middle Ages

Women in the High Middle Ages

Women as Readers and Writers in the Middle Ages


University of Trier

Directions in Gender Research in Medieval Studies

The Renaissance of the Twelfth Century


College of William and Mary

Religion and Society in the Medieval West

Medieval Monasticism

Sex & Sexuality in the Christian Tradition

Women in the Christian Tradition

Women's Spritual Autobiography

Introduction to Religion


Teaching Recognition and Awards

At Ohio State, Professor Beach received a Ronald and Deborah Ratner Distinguished Teaching Award in November 2017 in recognition of her excellent and innovative teaching.

At William and Mary, Professor Beach recevied an Alumni Fellowship Award, which recognizes excellence in teaching.

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